Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. They create jobs, spur innovation, and drive growth. Without small businesses or local businesses, America would be a very different place. 

Today, small businesses make up 99.7 percent of all employer firms in the United States. In addition, they employ nearly half of all private sector employees and produce more than half of the non-farm private GDP. In other words, small businesses are vital to the American economy.

Why local businesses are important

In today's global economy, it's easy to forget the importance of supporting local businesses. But buying from locally owned businesses has a significant impact on your community. 

When you buy from a small, local business, you directly support the men and women who own and operate it. These are your friends and neighbors, and they reinvest their earnings back into the community. 

According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses create two out of every three new jobs in the U.S. each year. So when you shop at your mom-and-pop neighborhood store, you're helping to create jobs and grow the local economy. 

Local businesses also tend to invest more in their communities than national chains. They donate more to local charities and causes, sponsor little league teams, and give back more than their big box counterparts.

The benefits of supporting community businesses

There are many benefits to supporting community businesses. When you shop at a locally owned business, for example, you're not only supporting the owner and employees but also the local economy. Studies have shown that for every dollar you spend at a locally owned business, $0.68 stays in the local community. This is compared to $0.43 of every dollar spent at a national chain store. 

Another benefit of supporting community businesses is that they are typically more environmentally friendly than their big box counterparts. They often source their products from local suppliers that reduce transportation emissions. They also tend to be located in historic buildings which have been renovated to be more energy efficient. 

Finally, community businesses provide a sense of place and belonging that can be hard to come by in today's world.

The future of community businesses

As the internet becomes more prominent in society, community businesses are looking to online platforms to give them exposure. Business directories focusing on local businesses are popping up all over the web, and community members are using them to find places to shop and dine.
Some businesses are hesitant to get involved with online directories because they fear they won't get enough exposure. However, many directories offer paid listings that guarantee a certain amount of exposure. And, as more and more people use the internet to find local businesses, it's becoming increasingly important for community businesses to have an online presence.
The future of community businesses is online. By getting involved with online directories and business listings, businesses can ensure they're getting exposure to their target market.
Local businesses are vital to the economy and supporting one another is key to success

In conclusion, small businesses are the lifeblood of the American economy. When consumers buy locally, they invest in their community and support businesses that create jobs and boost the economy. In addition, purchasing from local businesses keeps money within the community, which supports a healthy local economy. So next time you need to make a purchase, think about patronizing a local business.